Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fancies: 22nd Birthday Outfit

22nd birthday outfit

TFNC ruffle dress, $72
Sigerson Morrison flat sandals, $425
Rebecca Minkoff black leather handbag, $250
Vintage style ring, £37
Feather earrings, $11
Steven Alan straw hat, $135

Happy Friday! I'm so happy it's the weekend, as per usual, but especially excited because it is my birthday weekend! Oh you guys didn't know? I only mentioned it here and here. :) I'm going out tonight with a couple of friends, followed by a trip to Central Park with Brett on Saturday, and participating in restaurant week with my mom on Sunday. My actual birthday is next Tuesday but that will also mark the first day of law school orientation so there isn't going to be much celebration that day, haha, at least not during the day.
I saw this dress and because green is my favorite color AND the color of my birthstone (peridot), I figured it was only fitting that I would incorporate it into my dream birthday outfit. I originally started picking out black accessories and realized I needed another splash of color and that's where the orange came in. I think it gives the outfit a bit of a tribal feel with the contrasting colors. What do you guys think? Oh, and I can't get enough of panama hats after I've seen them everywhere so naturally I went out and bought myself one and also took the liberty of putting it in my dream birthday outfit.

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I hope you all have a grrrrrrrreat weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking All the Rules

It is finally the middle of the week and I am already counting down the hours til Friday. This week is my last week of work before I start orientation for law school and it also brings me days closer to my 22nd birthday. I'm a bit excited if you can't tell, although I've been told it all goes downhill after 21. I can still pretend I'm not an adult, it's fine. :) 
This entire outfit is from Forever21 and although I didn't plan the outfit knowing that, I think that just goes to show how much I shop there. I can make whole outfits from pieces in my wardrobe, haha. Though it was usually considered a fashion faux-pas, the idea of brown and black together appealed to me and I think it adds some character. Granted it's not really that bold as it's just a black pattern on an otherwise beige shirt, but it makes me a little fashion bad-ass (excuse my French). Come to think of it, if mixing brown and black together in an outfit makes me feel like a bit of a bad-ass, I'm obviously not the bad-ass-est (yes I did just make up my own word) kid on the block, haha.
Photos by Rain Embuscado.

Oh p.s. I promise the giveaway is happening soon! I just want to get some birthday celebrations out of the way. If it all goes downhill after 21, it might as well go downhill while I'm partying it up!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Grecian Green

Dress and Top - Random Store, Shoes - TJ Maxx, Necklace - Etsy, Earrings - Flea Market
Soo sad the weekend is over but a bit excited for this week because temperatures will hopefully cool down a bit (it has been ridiculously hot in NJ, even hitting a record of 108 degrees in some places!) but mostly because that means I'm days closer to my 22nd birthday! Plans include dinners with friends, a picnic with my mom, and rowboats and adventures in Central Park with Brett. I'm so excited! Oh, and as a birthday present to myself, I decided to upgrade my laptop and purchased the new Macbook Pro. I was in dire need of a new laptop as my computer is on the verge of dying and felt this was probably the best time to upgrade considering I'll be starting law school in just one short month!
With this scorching heat, there is nothing better than a flowy dress and simple accessories to try and stay cool. To beat the heat a bit, Brett and I stayed indoors most of Saturday and watched Game of Thrones (i'm addicted!) while it was 100 degrees outside (seriously) and then on Sunday I walked around the city with Vida and discovered Limelight Market on 20th and 6th Ave which was seriously the coolest place I've ever been to. If you guys are in the area, you should definitely check it out and don't leave until you've eaten some gelato! (cappuccino crunch = swooooon!)
What are you guys looking forward to this week .... besides Friday that is? :)

Photos by Rain Embuscado.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden Dress

Dress - Free People, Shoes - Kenneth Cole, Earrings - Flea Market
Wearing this dress makes me feel a little like I'm wearing a garden and it reminds me of all the flowers my mom used to have in the house when I was younger that let me know spring had arrived. There would be a different bouquet as a dining room centerpiece every week and even though I thought taking care of flowers, watering them, and even talking to them (yes I caught my mother doing that once) was a hassle and a wee bit crazy, I loved being able to look at them as they instantly made me feel a bit better. Now that I'm older, I can appreciate flowers a lot more and I'm determined to have a different bouquet of flowers somewhere in my house all year round if I can. Who knows, maybe I'll even end up talking to them and encouraging them to grow. I'm more and more like my mother everyday. A little scary, but it might be a good thing. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Vest - Random Store, Dress - Forever21, Bracelets - Forever21
This past weekend we had one of my cousins over and it was so nice to catch up and have some girl time before I start school again and it becomes harder to see friends and family. Because it was scorching hot on Sunday, we decided that a picnic lunch right by the lake was ideal followed by ice cream! It was national ice cream day yesterday and I hope you guys celebrated! Me, being the good citizen that I am, (read: ice cream lover) knew that I needed to celebrate this holiday by indulging in too much ice cream. It would have been wrong of me not to, right? Right.
I'm already sad that the weekend is over and now comes another week of work. All my Monday posts include how much I hate Mondays, haha. It would only be right for me to continue the tradition by also complaining about this horrid day in this post. I'm already looking forward to Friday.
Now I just have to shake the Monday blue's and think about all the fun stuff that I can look forward to like finally watching Harry Potter, meeting up with friends for happy hour, and seeing the boyfriend for a couple of days. There we go, all better now. Who says self soothing doesn't work? :)

Oh and recognize the dress? I wore it in this post as a skirt!

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fancies: Blog Party

Dress - Anthropologie, Shoes - Aldo, Accessories - Ruche, Clutch - Francesca's Collections

I have made it to my 100th post! So what does that mean? Party obviously! It's a virtual blog party and you're all invited! I wanted to dedicate this Friday Fancies to celebrate the fact that I have actually had enough material to make it to 100 posts, haha. I sometimes start things and then tend to get bored with them so I'm not very consistent but I have actually stuck with this and it has become my favorite hobby. Now I can only think of clothes as entire outfits and I've been able to not only expand my closet from the countless inspiration on a daily basis that has led to too many shopping trips, but also use the stuff I already own in a different way. I want to thank you guys for reading (or stumbling upon) my little corner of the internet and commenting or following. I cannot express how humbled I am that I have made it to over 200 followers and I cannot wait to share more outfits, moments, and random tidbits with you guys! Big, big, biiiiiig thank you to every single one of you! Now here's some virtual champagne and cupcakes! I wish I had real dessert to offer all of you for being ridiculously awesome, but alas, a virtual substitute will have to do for now. 
What are you guys doing this weekend? My cousin is coming over for the weekend and I'm happy I get to spend some much needed girl time with her that includes lots of food, retail therapy (what better way to celebrate a blog party than by shopping right?!), and LOTS of sangria. :) I hope your weekends are all amazing! 
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Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Bum

Top - TJ Maxx, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Rings - H&M and Forever21

This week has gone by way too slow and I cannot wait until the weekend rolls back around and I can kick back and relax again. I guess it's a good thing I saved these pictures from my trip to Florida for a day just like today when all I want to do is reflect back on a more relaxing time. I wore this outfit for a rather gloomy day at the beach where I watched my boyfriend bury my little cousins in the sand and had a long talk with one of my favorite aunts while watching the waves crash against the sand. Why is it that vacations never seem to last long enough and weekdays/workdays go by so slow? Maybe I'm just antsy to get to this afternoon already because I'll be catching up with my roommate who'll be moving to the other side of the country (damn you cali for being so far away!) and watching a movie under the stars with my boyfriend. I would say my hump day is looking pretty good so I can't really complain about the slow start to the week. Now to survive Thursday and Friday ..... 

P.S. My 100th post is coming up VERY soon (and by very soon, I mean the next post haha) and my 22nd birthday is coming up in three weeks. So what does that all mean?! New giveaway comin' up! I know you're all dying from the anticipation (or playing it cool and pretending not be dying from the anticipation, you know, whatever you're into) but stay tuned for that! :) 

Happy Wednesday Hump Day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspired by the Sunset

Top - TJ Maxx, Shorts - Forever21, Shoes - Random Store, Bracelets - Forever21 and H&M, Rings - Forever21 and H&M, Earrings - Flea Market, Belt - Forever21
My mom and I always take long walks around the park when it's getting close to sunset because not only does it cool down significantly, but it offers the prettiest colors to gaze at while we're walking around. The way the sunset reflects on the water has to be one of my favorite things in the world.
 Looking at these pictures, I realized I dressed with similar colors to my surroundings. Pinks, blues, and light beiges. Best colors to mix and match and are accented beautifully by the sunset. Only bad thing about the sunset, it meant we were one day closer to Monday ... yuck.
My weekend was relatively low key and it felt kind of good not having anything to do. I watched at least 4 movies and basically snacked and lounged around all weekend. :) Bliss.

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Happy Monday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fancies: Out and About

Dress - Lulu's $41, Shoes - ASOS $94.81, Bag - Francesca's Collections $58, Hat - American Apparel $40, Bracelets - Forever21 $7.80

I am overwhelmed with happiness because we are merely hours away from it being the weekend! What are you guys doing this weekend? I am leaving to my college for a night to meet up with some friends for some bar hopping and I think I'm going to relax the rest of the weekend seeing as it's my first weekend without any official plans. It feels a little weird because I have been busy every single weekend since I got home and now it feels like I should be doing something, anything. Who knows, maybe I'll go watch a movie and take a long walk in the park with my mom. This whole spontaneity thing might not be so bad. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and that it's filled with lots of relaxing and sunshine. :)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

 I know this post is a little delayed, but better late than never right? :) My Fourth of July weekend consisted of walking around Brett's town, lounging around, seeing beautiful views from Brett's dad's boat, and seeing some pretty epic fireworks of course.
Shoes and Crochet vest - Random Stores, Dress and Earrings - Forever21, Bag - H&M
Thank goodness it's already Thursday! I'm still reflecting on a better time (read: last weekend, any weekend .... no work days or waking up early .... you catch my drift). I wore this particular outfit while walking around Brett's neighborhood which is absolutely beautiful! I mean, look at all that greeeeeeeeeeen. I literally wanted to frolic in the woods forever. Although, had I tried that, I'd probably end up eaten by a bear or lost so maybe it's a good thing I restrained myself from all that. Making a fool out of myself didn't really matter that much but getting eaten by bears ... now that matters. While I may have no standards when it comes to public humiliation, I do have some good judgment. Yay survival skills!


Happy Thursday!


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