Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tad Bit Patriotic

Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Pants - Forever21, Belt - Random NYC Street Vendor, Shoes - Local Store, Bag - H&M
Happy Memorial Day! Though I didn't plan this outfit with the holiday in mind, it ended up being perfect for the occasion. But, I must admit, I didn't wear it today. Blogging about it today counts though, right? Haha. I spent this weekend relaxing and enjoying lots of time outside. I'm always a bit happier when the warm weather rolls around, even if I do feel like I have to shower 6 times a day to avoid feeling all types of gross. 

 I wore this outfit for an errands day and I loved how comfortable it ended up being. The high-waisted shorts were so comfortable and allowed for me to move around from place to place looking for things to make moving back home a little more organized after we moved to a new place. I still haven't entirely unpacked everything but I've at least started to and I'm hoping to be done within the next week or so. Work and hanging out with friends haven't allowed for much time to organize.

Happy Monday!
Hopefully the rest of the week goes as quickly as the weekend did. I'm ready for more BBQ's and more fun with friends and family. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fancies 10: Colorblock Me

Shorts - Ruche $38.99, Shirt - Urban Outfitters $69.00, Bag - Melie Bianco $63.00, Sandals - Aldo $40.00, Earrings and Ring - Forever21 $3.80 and $5.80 respectively.

It is officially Friday! Yay!! I'm so happy that it's finally starting to feel like summer and more especially, that I have my boyfriend here to take in this beautiful weather with me. On Wednesday, we decided to have a dinner date in Hoboken followed by a trip to a candy shop where we selected some treats that were devoured later on that night and the following day. We're big on candy. Thursday was my best friend's graduation (congratulations Samantha!). I'm so thankful I was able to partake in her special day. And well, today, the boy and I are going to run a couple boring errands, walk around a bit, and have a date tonight so for this Friday Fancies, I wanted to pick out an outfit that could go from day to night (since we're probably not going to have the chance to come back and change) and still look good for both occasions. Plus, I've always wanted to experiment with some color blocking so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity for that. I am crazy for all things teal/turquoise/mint green and I have always have been so I think I'm a bit obsessed with this particular color blocking combo. I have even incorporated this obsession into my choice of accessories.
These are the two rings I purchased from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market last weekend. I love the detail on both of the rings and that I was able to negotiate the price down to something I wanted to pay. Then again, I probably would have bought them anyway, haha. I also have tons of blue/teal/green earrings that I love!

What are you guys doing this weekend? Brett and I are going to Ikea tomorrow to shop around a bit for things to organize my desk area and watch the planes from Newark Airport take off since it's right across from Ikea's foodcourt. In other words, we're probably staying in Ikea all day. We walk around all of the showrooms and pick out things that we would want in our future apartment someday. It's a little fun seeing what things we both love and seeing what things we completely disagree on. I know I'm going to love being able to decorate with him once we get our own place. I.Cannot.Wait. Then, we have a ice cream double date with my friend and her boyfriend in Hoboken at night. Sunday, we're going to Rutgers for one of the last times to hand in our keys to our college houses and Monday we're going to my family's house in New York for a Memorial Day BBQ. I missed the smell of BBQ and summer. :) Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend. 

Yay Friday!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keepin' it Casual

 Hat, jeans, bracelets, and ring - Forever21, Shirt - Thrifted, Bag - Local Store in Pittsburgh, Shoes - Steve Madden found in Housing Works Thrift Store for only $20!
As you guys may remember from last Friday's post, I went to Hell's Kitchen flea market with one of my friends and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. It had tons of cool stuff and plenty of things I would have bought if I had more funds.
They had tons of vintage cameras everywhere, little fun gadgets from ages ago, and a beautiful assortment of jewelry. How beautiful are all the colors of the necklaces in the third picture? LOVE. I even snagged up two rings for myself but I forgot to take a picture of them. You guys will definitely see them soon though considering I'll probably be wearing them as often as possible. 
As for what I wore, I decided to keep it casual by wearing my favorite jeans, a loose fitting top, and a hat to hide what the humidity has done to my hair, haha. I was a bit under dressed and even a little cold by the end of the day but I was definitely comfortable! I guess you could say that this is my version of my own Friday Fancies post, minus the hefty price tags.
 I wish I could just fast forward to 6pm later tonight because that's when I get to see the boyfriend and have a date night! I'm so excited. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grown Up


I'm so sad the weekend is over! This weekend was so relaxed, very much needed, and well spent despite minor mishaps (read: the weather). On Saturday, one of my roommates came over to my house and we originally decided to go to Hoboken and walk around. However, mother nature had other plans. So we decided to go to the mall instead. Haha mother nature! Couldn't outsmart us! :) Before we left Hoboken to escape the downpour though, she and I decided to snap a few pictures in the beautiful train terminal where it's like Hoboken's own mini Penn Station. Interestingly enough, right after we took these pictures, we were approached by policemen (apparently we weren't supposed to take pictures there, oops). The conversation was ridiculously awkward as he asked "So what were you guys taking pictures of?" to which I responded "Um .... of me" and then I had to explain that I blog and I take pictures of myself for the blog. It was really weird, haha, but that weird encounter was worth it considering how beautiful the terminal is.
 Sunglasses - NYC Street Vendor, Earrings - Local store, Blazer, Bag, and Shoes - H&M, Dress, Bracelets and Black ring - Forever21, Other ring - ASOS
There's something about a blazer that makes me feel like a grown-up lately. I guess it doesn't help that people have been recently asking how grown-up I feel now that I graduated college. I'm sure I'll never actually feel grown-up. Being a kid, even if its at heart, is way cooler, haha. Oh and if you were wondering what nail polish I was wearing (if you weren't well then now I bet you are. I can be so sneaky sometimes :)), it was one of two recent purchases in Walgreens. Nail polish has seriously become my new obsession.
Happy Monday!
I'm actually looking forward to the start of this week because it means I'll be another day closer to seeing the boyfriend again! Yay. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fancies 9: Weekend Thrifting

Jeans $30 H&M, Shirt $190 Musthaves, Hat $135 Net-a-Porter, Earrings $20 StoreEnvy, Bag $3,075 Net-a-Porter, Sandals $40 G by Guess, Bracelets $23 Warehouse

Hello there lovelies! :) How are we all doing on this wonderful Friday? It's nothing but dreary here in NJ but I'm glad I'm able to stay home today and watch chick flicks that I can't watch with my boyfriend or even my mom because they both hate romantic comedies. I think the only "girly" movie my mom has ever watched with me was Sex and the City 2 and it was simply because we decided to randomly go to the movies and that was the one movie that was playing close to the time we wanted, haha. Plus this allows for some me time anyway.

Anywho, Does anyone feel like this week has gone by really fast? I'm so excited the weekend is here though because unlike many of my past Friday Fancies posts where my weekends usually involved studying and spending my days in pajamas, this weekend (and next weekend and the weekend after that!) I actually have plans! I know you were all thinking I didn't have a social life but I promise I do! ..... sometimes, haha. Tomorrow, I'm going to a bar in the city with friends during the day and Sunday I'm going to Hell's Kitchen flea market for the very first time and I'm also going to explore the city for good thrift stores with my friend. I'm so excited! The outfit above is what I would wear (sans budget) for a thrifting date/blate. Does it count as a blate if we were friends before we started blogging? Probably not, haha.

I first fell in love with the bag and how earthy it felt and having a messenger bag while browsing through flea markets is ideal because it means your hands are free to look at more goodies. I kept it casual with a loose shirt and boyfriend jeans because there is seriously nothing more comfortable in the world. I topped that off with a straw hat (just in case its sunny!), flat sandals for all the walking, and some cute red accessories to add a pop of color. What do you guys think?

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Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Favorite Spring Trends

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The weather here has been terrible to say the least. We've had rain since Saturday and it seems like it's not ending until next week. Between work and the terrible weather, it's been a bit difficult to get outfit pictures in and that has me focusing on trends I've recently been loving and can't wait to get more of and wear once the weather gets to be a little nicer.

Stripes - I have always been a huge fan of stripes although I usually saw the pattern in boring colors like black and white and mostly used in tops in the past, but now they seem to be everywhere today and on everything. From tops, to dresses, and skirts, stripes now come in all colors and all widths. I love the big, wide stripes of the dress/tunic, the grungy look of the top, and the contrasting stripes of the skirt.

Bright Nail Polish - I have been stocking up on bright nail polish lately and my obsession started with a coral looking color from Essie. Since then, I have a teal, a light blue, and a fuchsia color but I am now on the hunt for an orange-y nail polish. How cute is Essie Capri?!

Florals - While I avoided this girly pattern like the plague when I was younger, I can't help but feel drawn to anything floral recently. I love the details of the dress, the little flowers of the top, and the big and bold flowers of the skirt.

Neutral - I am obsessed with anything in this beige/taupe/blush color and i love that the color looks so feminine even when used in trousers. The ruffles in the dress are absolutely beautiful and delicate looking and the detail on the shoulders ooze femininity.

What are your favorite spring trends? :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

City Lovin' & A Big Day

Sunglasses - NYC Street Vendor, Blazer, bracelets, and ring - H&M, Sweater and Dress used as skirt - Forever21, Bag - Thrifted
As you all may remember from my previous post, Brett and I went to New York City last week and we decided to go to the West Village and save a trip to South Street Seaport for a warmer day. We ate cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, hot dogs from a random street vendor, walked around at least a billion times just to see all the pretty brownstones and find some cobblestone streets, and ended the day with a very satisfying dinner before heading back home and watching hulu for the rest of the night. Day dates are definitely underrated and can easily turn into evening dates! :) Plus, we always have so much fun when we go into the city and we always find a new place as we explore and this time was no exception. While wandering around the West Village, we stumbled upon Hudson River Park (I really don't know why I had never been there before considering how often I go to the village) which offered views of Hoboken and Jersey City but also a pretty nice view of the Empire State Building. I'll admit though, I was possibly a little more excited about seeing the Jersey City and Hoboken skyline, haha. It's rare for me to see the skyline of my town since I'm always in it rather than looking at it but the view of the Empire State Building was stunning nonetheless. It is, after all, quintessential NYC. :)

I bought this pale pink blazer from H&M recently and I'm already in love. My craze for blush/coral/pink obviously has not subsided and every time I find an amazing piece in this color, it only fuels my obsession. Oh blush/pinks/corals, where have you guys been all my life?! 

Oh, and yesterday was my college graduation! Although a little stressful and ridiculously hectic with over 10,000+ graduates, it was definitely a memorable day. Toni Morrison was our commencement speaker which I was so happy about, especially because as an English major I've read at least 4 of her novels (Is anyone as obsessed with Beloved and Song of Solomon as I am?!) anddd we even got a special shout out from Mario Batali because he also graduated from Rutgers. As exciting as it all was, it also means I'm officially a Rutgers alumni now. Ahh, that still sounds weird or well ... reads weird? You guys catch my drift, haha. Care to see a sneak peek of my grad pictures? I'll be sure to post more once I have all of them. :)

Happy Monday!
 Sorry for not posting in a while! Between moving back home, getting ready for graduation, and blogger actin' all types of crazy this past week, I found myself short on time and energy but I am back to my normal schedule, especially now that I don't have much to do this summer except work Mon-Thurs so definitely expect a Friday Fancies post next Friday. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Backyard Schoolgirl

Blue Button Down - H&M, Belt - Forever21, Skirt - Forever21, Shoes - Gift from Mom, Earrings - Flea Market in Jersey City
Excuse the ridiculously wrinkly shirt in these pictures. My mother would definitely kill me if she saw this post (sorry mom!). Today is an AMAZING day. Why? Welllll, if you must know, I took my last final EVER!! Well ... until I get to law school. Ok so let me revise that. I took my last COLLEGE final! I'm practically giddy with excitement and to celebrate, my boyfriend and I went on a Redbox and supermarket run and picked up some snacks and rented Tron and Little Fockers. I can't wait to do nothing for the next couple of days. It actually feels weird not having to study for something. I might have to compile a summer to-do list just to keep myself busy ... or actually finish packing. Making a list sounds more fun.
Oh, also excuse my squinty eyes in this post. My allergies have been killing me lately and irregular sleep schedules haven't helped. 
This outfit reminds me of my elementary school days, specifically 7th grade, because I had to wear a light blue shirt and a beige bottom. Thankfully, I no longer have to wear uniforms and I can wear these colors because I want to. :) I'm so glad we've had such nice weather lately, I have a whole skirt collection that was dying to come out and see the outside of my closet and this lovely skirt is one of them. What do you guys think? 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Blue's

Two finals to go before I graduate! Am I excited about finishing college? Am I sad about leaving college? YES. It's all so bittersweet and now that I'm so close to the end (I graduate in less than a week!), I'm feeling a little sad/overwhelmed/excited. I'm sad that I'm going to have to say goodbye to my roommates and that I won't be able to see my boyfriend everyday which I've become so accustomed to. Buttt, I am excited that I'll be home and that I'll be closer to my family and my friends from home. See where the overwhelming feeling comes in? Gahhh, I don't know what to feel!
 Shirt, necklace, shorts - Forever21, Knee-high socks and rings - ASOS, Shoes - Lulu's, Bangles - Borrowed from roommate, Nail Polish - Barry M Cyan Blue
I'm definitely not looking forward to having a long distance relationship with my boyfriend and not being able to grab a quick lunch with him whenever I want but he only lives an hour and a half away from my house so I know I shouldn't be complaining much (although I'm allowed to complain a little right?). But I know that there are couples who have it way worse so I'll just keep that in mind and appreciate the fact that we don't live in separate states or something.
The pictures and the actual text in the blog post offer an interesting juxtaposition as I'm smiling in most of these pictures but I'm writing about sad things, haha. Sorry for the mini rant! It's the lack of sleep and the sugar crash talking, haha. Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to being done with finals in 2 short days and having a date with Brett in the city all day Wednesday. We're still deciding if we should go to South Street Seaport or the West Village. What do you guys think? South Street Seaport does offer riverfront views and cute cobblestone streets but West Village has amazing restaurants andddd Magnolia Bakery. Mmm I love me some cupcakes. This is going to be a difficult decision, help! 

Happy Monday! :)


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