Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello there lovelies. How are we all doing on this Monday morning/afternoon? I'm definitely having a case of the Monday's but I have to get some energy in me because this is the last week of classes which means everything is due within the next 6 or 7 days and graduation is only 20 days away. I don't think I've entirely grasped the fact that I'm actually graduating just yet. Maybe it'll hit me when I'm wearing my cap and gown.
After seeing Sex and the City 2 for a hundred times, I knew I needed to buy a turban and when I saw this beauty on Amazon for only $10, I immediately proceeded to add it to my bag. Damn you Amazon for allowing me to buy things without even having to pull out my wallet. 1 step checking out might be the death of me ... or the death of my funds.
Turban - Amazon
Glasses - Forever21Earrings - Gift from Aunt
Shirt - Necessary Clothing in SoHo
Pants - Forever21
Shoes - Shi by Journey

Happy Monday!

How were all your weekends? Mine was spent studying and spending some much needed time with my mom and my boyfriend watching movies and eating too many chips while it poured outside. Best way to take advantage of a rainy day. :)


Carlinn said...

The turban is so cute!

Jen said...

you pull off a turban so well - especially with that printed top. i'm having a case of the mondays as well considering i'm currently skipping my 1:40.

good luck with all the work you have to get done before graduation!

chloe chante said...

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Black Pearls said...

Love the outfit!! Very chic! I really want a turban now but i'm just thinking how am I going to fit my head of curls in it haha
xoxo asiahlynn

Meagan said...

That top and turban are adorable! They look great on you!

Anonymous said...

Love the top :D

kisses xoxo

Suika said...

I seriously adore your hat and top, they suits you and match each other perfectly... Really nice outfit :)
Greetings from france !

Sophie said...

You look amazing. i love the turban on you and i love your top! xx

Omgitstiffduh said...

You look great! Love the glasses.

Kat said...

eh, i had a bad date this weekend! oops, haha. but i'm glad you had a good one with your mom! sometimes mom time can be wonderfully therapeutic.

the turban looks supre cute, stef!

archives said...

HOLD THE PHONE. i am SO jealous of your turban! ive been searching around for one, and i never even thought to check amazon! you look fabulous in it!!!!! :D

Give me a Big Closet said...

lovely top :)

beijo *

two birds said...

well worth the $10...not many people can pull off a turban, but you do it effortlessly!

Cara said...

Absolutely gorgeous top, love the print, and you look beautiful in that turban!
xo Cara

Anonymous said...

this outfit is amazing!

Beatriz Craven... That Girl in Pearls said...

1 step click is definitely dangerous! But I don't blame you... I am a HUGE SATC fan and I was swooning over all their clothing and accessories too. Now all you need is a fabulous trip to the Middle East!

Hope you are having a wonderful week, Love!

That Girl in Pearls

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a brilliant outfit. The top is totally amazing:) Hugs and kisses, sunshine

Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Anula said...

You look great!! Cool outfit!!


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