Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering Parts of 2010: Lea Comes to NYC

WARNING: This post includes TONS of pictures. =]
Looking back on 2010, it was an AMAZING year. I was in DC from January to May interning at the Mexican Embassy where I met a great group of people and became really close friends with some, especially the intern who worked with me at the embassy, Lea. I love this girl to pieces and even though she's ridiculously far away now as she moved to Spain to teach recently, one of the highlights of my year was when she came from Michigan with her boyfriend to visit me over the summer. Brett and I took her and her bf (who's from Spain) all around NYC for four days and these are just some of the highlights in no particular order ....

And there you have it. I apologize for the photos being all over the place but I tried to come full circle by showing you the Empire State Building by day and by night. Surprisingly enough, it's still red and green as I type. I love reflecting on a warmer time although it makes me want summer and miss Lea. Also, I should add that most of these pictures are taken by her boyfriend. Aren't the pictures fantastic? We had a joke the entire time that we needed to switch boyfriends because she hates taking pictures like my boyfriend and I love taking pictures like her boyfriend. Haha.

This will probably be the last post until after Vegas. Have I mentioned I'm going to Vegas? Haha, only like a billion times. When I see you lovely people again, I will make sure to post all the fun. =]


City Girl (EC1) said...

Lovely pics! NYC is an amazing place! Looks like you had a great time there. Happy New Year :) x

Folhetim Cultural said...

meu blog voltou com tudo acompanhe durante a semana notici├írio cultural. Espero que goste. Me siga. Abra├žos boa semana.

Magno Oliveira
Folhetim Cultural


Such amazing photos! One of my favorite cities. Have a blast in Vegas! xo

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love the photos. I hope 2011 will be just as much fun as 2010 was for ya. =)

Anonymous said...

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Henar said...

Awesome pics, I love NY!!


Brittany said...

This makes me want to live there right now!

Ashley Hasty said...

My name is Ashley, I'm the girl behind the blog A Hasty Life. I just started the well-known 30 for 30 fashion challenge. I chose 30 articles of clothing to wear for 30 days (including shoes!) I would love for you to bop on over to my blog and check it out!

<3 Ashley said...

Happy New year! Here's to new beginings :)

"The city is our canvas"..mmm i love that

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Kat said...

lovely pics! ny really just a great place!

Kat said...

i love the picture of you in front of the wall with spongebob's mouth! <3

Ashley said...

love all the pictures! you are beautiful!

PS - so cool your cousins celebrate 3 kings day! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow...I really love all the photos:) Thanks so much for sharing it with us:) Have a wonderful weekend,sweetie

Emma said...

Hi there!
Happy I found your blog! It really is lovely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and such lovely inspiration! Keep up the good posting Darling!

Wanna be followers? Let me know!
Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

..R May A.. said...

looks like you had an amazing time :)
loving your blog!! x

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

awesome year in review love!

PS - kinda' umm LOVE it if u could stop by and 'follow' me .. *please*

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Jen said...

This is just lovely. I wish I took the time to do a quick post about what 2010 looked like for me.

Jen said...

These pictures are lovely and I adore the color of that chanel nail polish!

Jen said...

Oops, I had two windows open at the same time and I think I commented the wrong comment on your blog. I'm so sorry about that!

Nikolo Bulaun said...

you went to jimmy fallon's show! wow! i hope i can see ellen degeneres's show live too!

i am so following you right now! hope you follow me too :)

happy new year!

amanda archambault said...

Look's like you had a great trip Stefany!!!

visit my new post!
xoxo, A

Erica said...

you got to see jimmy fallon?? so cool


Chelsea Lane said...

looks like such an amazing time! I love all these photos, jimmy fallon is hilarious :)


Gertrude said...

Great photos!! Wow, have fun in Vegas :) x

Milly. said...

Thanks for your comment. I'll be following you back - ace blog!

Wow, looks like you really did have an amazing 2010. I hope my 2011's as good...! x


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