Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ten Things Thursday? (Vegas Edition)

Hello again! I'm finally back home after arriving 6 hours after I was supposed to. I was going through blogging withdrawals and knew I needed to update as soon as possible. My trip to Vegas was absolutely amazing but exhausting. It's safe to say that my body definitely hates me with all the sleepless nights and walks around in heels. I know I have been slacking with one of my features I wanted to do, Ten Things Tuesday but I figured Ten Things Thursday is pretty okay too right? It still falls on a weekday that starts with a T. Ten Things Tuesday will definitely start up again next week at its normal schedule. Haha. Are you wondering what I did in Vegas? Well I was a terrible blogger that's for sure. I only took 82 pictures, yup, 82. With 9 other girls who had cameras, it was hard to take my camera out all the time so I'm anxious to see what pictures they took. I think we should have a flickr account so everyone could just upload all the pictures to the same album but we'll see. And now I bring you Ten Things Thursday, VEGAS EDITION. (I must have been an announcer in a past life, obviously).

1. Saw the Grand Canyon from my plane window

2. Stayed in a beautiful hotel

3. Snapped some pretty pictures (well my girlfriends did, like I said, I was a terrible blogger but I did manage to get some!)

4. Walked around the strip by day ...

5. .... and then by night (the strip definitely takes on a whole new life at night)

6. Explored inside the hotels and ooo'd and aaaa'd at all the beautiful decor

7. Gambled and lost too much money

8. Saw the Fountains at the Bellagio

9. Had a drink in a chandelier

10. Saw LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

And there you have it. It's not exactly my trip in a nutshell but are simply some highlights of the trip. I'll be posting what I wore by day and what I wore by night in my upcoming posts and show you guys some fun group shots that we took! =] And now to catch up on comments, blogs, life, etc!

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a great trip

Drop by and enter the two giveaways I'm hosting right now here & here.

globetrotter said...

Lovely blog and photo's! Jealous of your trip. ;)

Hope we can give one another a follow!


Chelsea Lane said...

I wanna goooooo! this post made me so jealous. I have the travel bug super bad :/


Sam {} said...

gorgeous pics!! looks like a wonderful trip :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of your trip!!


Laura said...

sounds like an amazing trip! love the pictures :)


the moonchild said...

i feel like travelling even more now! but sydney's looking pretty awesome right about now. so home it is (:

hope you can:

send something to salvador (: [new blog]

or just come by the moonchild's:

rena. (:

Wall of Fashion said...

Wow, that really is awesome! America is way to far away for me sadly, from where did you travel towards it?

xx Marije

Caroline Henley said...

ahhhhhhh so jealous!! this makes me really excited for my Vegas trip in July!!

DeLiz said...

WOW ♥ these photos are great and a trip in Vegas looks FABULOUS! xoxo
LiDì from Italy

wenny3kiwi said...

what a beautiful places....
so jealous;)

QuiteQuaint said...

vegas looks amazing, so extravagant and exciting. i would love to visit one day. it looks like you saw some great things x

Ayeisha said...

I love Vegas!
I stayed at the Bellagio, the fountain show was beautiful!



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