Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Augustine Fiend

Hat - TJ Maxx, Shirt, Bag, and Ring - H&M, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelets - Forever21, Skirt - Lulu's, Shoes - Random Store
One of my all time favorite places is St. Augustine, FL. Sure, the amusement parks in Orlando are fun but St. Augustine is definitely the highlight of every trip I make to Florida (aside from seeing my family, of course), and this time was no exception. It seems that there is beauty in the ENTIRE town. What other place could you say that about? The waterfront area is beautiful, the historic block where the first school was is absolutely charming, but my favorite part is being able to walk around the neighborhood and find little undiscovered charm in the city like the last picture. I love how the trees seem to hug the block they're in. The town looks like it belongs in a fairytale and I can't help but swoon a bit when I think back to it's beauty. The city has me more and more in love every time I go. I'm even already thinking of a way to somehow afford a house down there that I can escape to from time to time. Yes, it's that serious.
The outfit that I wore to St. Augustine ended up being perfect for all the walking around that we did. I love outfits that are easy and effortless but very chic and this skirt is the epitome of that concept. Plus it allows for some breeze too, like my own little personal fan. A skirt that can do it all! That's multitasking at its best, my friends. 
Can you guys believe it's already Wednesday?! I'm so excited for this weekend and being able to see some fireworks! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Ivana said...

You look amazing!!! I´m in love with that skirt, it´s so fun and pretty!

xx Ivana

Steph said...

Love the outfit!!!



Sam {} said...

love the skirt, love the rings, love the nails. work it!

jess said...

St. Augustine looks so pretty. I love your skirt.

Cara said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the earth tones in this look beautiful!
xo Cara

Meera said...

You look gorgeous! I love these pictures, and your jewelry is amazing.
I have stopped by your blog before, but I have finally followed-I love your style!


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Such an amazing skirt!

akiko hiramatsu said...

Beautiful girl.I like the photos:)
I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too! xx

Wall of Fashion said...

Gorgeous photos! Really inspirational indeed!

xx Marije

SheDel said...

YES HUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this outfit...OMG!!! Everything about it. Especially that skirt. you are sooo super FLY

Michelle said...

I love all the pieces here. Pretty!


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