Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten Lovely Things For The Home

So while this is primarily a fashion and photography blog, I have a dirty little secret (maybe not so dirty), I'm obsessed with interior design. It all started when I stumbled upon this channel HGTV (some of you may have heard of it). Well, it's safe to say I was hooked after 10 minutes. My roommates make fun of me because I watch it that often. It's even DVR'd. Yes, my obsession has come to the point where I have to record House Hunters and I'm genuinely disappointed when there aren't any new episodes. With that said, I love finding awesome things for the home so for this Ten Things Tuesday, I decided to round up a few of my favorite etsy/ikea finds.

1. Chalkboard for the Kitchen
This is going to be really weird but when I was younger (aka really in high school), I loved it when I was able to write something on the chalkboard. I really don't know what it is about chalkboards but I love them and I love the idea of hanging one in a kitchen letting everyone know what's for dinner or leaving a note for someone. When I saw this lovely one on Etsy, I literally ooh'd and aaah'd.

2. Ottoman
How cute is this ottoman?! Unfortunately it doesn't open up to store stuff, but it was so cute I could not resist posting about it. :)

3. Wooden Blocks
I love how quirky these wooden blocks are. I could see them looking perfect on my bookshelf.

4. Calendar
What else is there to say? Keep calm and carry chocolate. Everyone should abide by that rule.

5. Living Room Storage
I love the shape of this bookcase/storage system. Two of these on either side of a TV would look perfect in any living room.

6. Room Divider
I know you've all seen the scene in a movie where a girl is usually talking to someone else on the other side of the divider (usually a guy) and she's undressing and you only see her shadow and the guy really likes her so you can read his nervousness on his face, etc. No? Just me? Well, that is what this room divider reminded me of. It looks so pretty and would be perfect for dividing a bedroom area in a studio from the rest of the space.

7. Organizers for Drawers
It's green and it organizes stuff aka I love it. 

8. Nightstand

I love that it's such a simple nightstand but looks like it has tons of storage. Best part is, you can clutter up the nightstand because no one will have to know what's in there.

9. Kitchen Cart
City apartments usually have small everything and that means limited counter space in kitchens. With a kitchen cart, not only does it add some counter space, but it also doubles it as storage. And, you can also roll it around if you need to. I would say a win, win, win.

10. Chandelier
This isn't much a chandelier as it is a candelabra but I love how elegant it looks. It could warm up any room.

I want to buy all of these things. I might have to start with the drawer organizer and the chandelier, which one(s) is your favorite(s)? :) Happy Tuesday!

Also, a much needed prayer goes out to Japan. May those affected find some peace in a terrible, catastrophic time. I read on Oh Hello Friend that there will be a blogger's day of silence for Japan on Friday March 18 so I will not be posting on Friday and I hope you'll join me for this day of silence as well.


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

how fun! great picks, i watch a LOT of HGTV too.. i love the chalkboard :) xoxo jcd :: stop by im having a custom print giveaway! cornflake dreams

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

totally loving the chandelier!! so pretty.

Emily D said...

These would all make for a cozy home! :)

Melissa said...

There is not one item from this post that I don't just LOVE! Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Follower! :)


Anonymous said...

I like the drawer organizer and the wooden blocks! The ottoman is really cute too!



Ashley said...

you have great taste! maybe you can be an interior desinger on the weekend when you're not being a a lawyer ;)

Jennifer said...

Wow. I love that chalboard and those wooden blocks!

You have a great blog girlie! Lovin' it!

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great stuff..The kitchen cart is so amazing and I would love to have chalboard in my kitchen:) Hugs and kisses, darling

Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

stephanie said...

Great finds! Have you tried chalkboard paint yet!?

Also I love that little library sign-thingy :)

Teresa said...

I'm a huge organize-holic! Love all these cute pieces!


Pia said...

I love the idea of a chalkboard in the kitchen and I wanted to do it for a while now. I really need to get on that.


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