Monday, February 28, 2011

City Love: Pittsburgh Edition

As you all may remember from my last post, I spent the last weekend in Pittsburgh and had an amazing time. I was not expecting to like Pittsburgh as much as I did. The views were beautiful, the food was fantastic, and the coffee was nothing short of amazing. 

 View from Darren's porch. How cute are the arches?
 Cathedral of Learning - where Pitt students can study and take class. It looks like Hogwarts!
 They had these adorable red doors everywhere.
 Darren being silly.
The walls were green! :)
 Lee and Darren
 Beautiful view from the restaurant where we had lunch.
 Amazing salad. :)
 All in all, it was an amazing trip and even though it was a sad goodbye as my friend doesn't come back for 27 months, I'm happy I was able to see him before he's shipped off to the other side of the world. :)


Twenty.Something said...

Gorgeous pictures! I want all that food :)

Tara said...

Nice photos :)

Chelsea Lane said...

best coffeeshops ever? giiiiirl you need to come to seattle! ;) these are such awesome photos, looks like you guys had so much fun!


Sam {} said...

beautiful pictures! never been, but it sounds like a fun place :)


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