Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Secret Garden

It is ridiculously hot today and although it's a little too humid, I love this weather. I'm a summer person to the max and I find anything under 50 degrees to be freezing. I should probably move to California, haha. This summer, it seems that my go to outfit is going to be a skirt and a flowy shirt. Anything that will allow breeze in because by the looks of it, we are going to have a really hot summer.
Shirt, Shoes, and Bag - Forever21, Skirt - Local Store, Ring - Charlotte Russe
On this particular day when these photos were taken, it wasn't too hot and was even a little cold if you were by the water. This was the beginning of a trail in a nearby park that I had gone to when I was younger but never went back since. When we first started walking along the trail, I was kicking myself for not going to this place more often. However, after spending about 15 minutes on the trail, I began to realize why I never came back. There are mosquitoes everywhere! Brett was eaten alive and it was a little funny seeing him practically running towards the car. Before the panic ensued though, I was glad I was able to get a couple of outfit shots because the trail is truly beautiful even if we'll possibly avoid it for a whiiiile.
Can you believe tomorrow is already Thursday?! Thank goodness for four day weeks. I think we should always have Mondays off, at least in the summer. :)
Happy Wednesday and Happy June!


Julie said...

Cute outfit! I love all the colors and the floral blouse looks lovely on you. And I also love the 3rd shot-- your gold ring and nail polish compliment your outfit perfectly!

Tootsie Jean said...

I really like summer.. and I am missing it now that it's over here in Philippines. lovely outfit. The floral top is really nice. The skirt is simple but gorgeous too


The Make Up Fairy said...

Gorgeous outfit as always and the backdrop is so pretty xx

Cin said...

I love the skirt and top combo! totally cute for summer
thanks for stopping by my blog :)
xx Cin

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing, I love your sense of style. The color and design of that skirt is wicked, I love the muted color of it! You look great. lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

piapia said...

love the floral top :)

Courtney B said...

You have AMAZING hair!! I LOVE it! And am slightly jealous of your curls :)
Ugh... mosquitos are the worst. They can defintely ruin a good time!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

love the bow on that skirt! and DITTO on the hair comments.. i love the curls girl.

xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

Meagan said...

I'm such a summer person too. I always cross my fingers that it'll be at least 50 outside. And your photos are beautiful, as always!

Sam {} said...

awww, cute, cute! love the top.

Kat said...

beautiful skirt! pretty as usual :)

ediot said...

hi darling. you look so cute.
adore this outfit!
im just like you with the heat and summer issue-- the warmer the better, and humidity is fine. at least compared to snow and rain.
Hope you're having a good week so far

Carolyn said...

the background is so pretty! love all the columns and vines growing on them

KANI said...

your smile is beautiful my dear <3

Megan said...

a. i think you SHOULD move to california. but i may be biased.
b. we should always have mondays off..summer or not..and fridays..

Miss Bias said...

Really cute outfit. Nice floral blouse.

Miss Bias

Chelsea Lane said...

WELL HELLO MISS GORGEOUS! I love this outfit, your photos are soo lovely!


The.Red.See said...

I'm so happy its finally warmer out, I'm not a fan of cold weather either! Cute outfit!

Tea For Two said...

I'm not a summer person but I LOVE all the outfit posts on the blogs, haha! And I love getting my jelly sandals out.

This is a gorgeous outfit. You look great in those colours.

Cara said...

Gorgeous shots, love the skirt!
xo Cara


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