Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IMAT's + Haul

So I wanted to share some pictures with you guys from the IMAT's show as well as all the goodies that came home with me. I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to makeup and at first I was unsure if I wanted to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go to something about stuff I don't know much about (read: don't know anything about. I mean, I even have an irrational fear of mascara, seriously) but I'm definitely glad I went. While I might not know anything about what brushes are good and what blush goes best with my skin tone, I do love lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeliner and Inglot, Essie, and Obsessive Compulsive definitely helped fuel my obsession.
There were so many vendors and so many people that it was a little hard to take good shots of the actual makeup as there as was usually a huge group of girls trying to see everything but the event space was absolutely phenomenal and quintessential New York.
Hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, industrial pipes, exposed brick. SWOOON. 
They had a student makeup competition where the theme was tribal and the makeup artist that did the above model's makeup only won 2nd place. I didn't even see the 1st place winner but I can only imagine that it looked amazing if this only won 2nd place, right?!
And noooow for the goodies I've recently purchased from the show and other little shopping excursions. :)
 I have #127 from Inglot which is the red lipstick I wore in the last outfit post and I love it so much that I knew I needed more Inglot lipsticks in my life. They seriously last all day and they go on really well. I ate, drank, and ate some more all day and my lipstick stayed in tact until I washed it off so if you're looking for lipsticks, I HIGHLY suggest Inglot.
 Since I've only tried their lipsticks, I wanted to try their eyeliner as well because that's the only other thing I wear and I loved this teal color that I figured would be perfect for Spring and Summer.
There were brushes everywhere and I was ridiculously overwhelmed by how many brushes there are to do specific things for your face. I do want to learn about makeup, but I had no idea what brushes were good for what so when I was this travel case full of brushes, I knew it could be the perfect starter kit for me. Plus, the $10 price tag didn't hurt as much as spending $10 on one brush.
Nail Polishes from Essie. I'm currently obsessed with Boat House that I've worn for a week and a half with no chipping! Yay. :)
New wallet and new rings from Lulu's. Remember the ring on the right from my last Friday Fancies? :)

And there you have it. Have you guys purchased any awesome goodies lately? I want to expand my ring collection. Up until recently,  my accessories mainly comprised of earrings and necklaces but I now find myself looking for (read: obsessing over) rings everywhere!

Happy Tuesday!


Steph said...

Your rings are to die for!! I'm in love!

Kisses xoxo

LabelSnob said...

I'm so jealous you went to IMATS!!! I'm sure it was amazing!
Love everything you got!
Before watching beauty "gurus" on YouTube I didn't know one thing about makeup and now I'm obsessed!


hello-im-emily said...

amazing photos, it sounds like you had a really great time browsing the show!
and those rings are super cute!

Nisha said...

Ah #169 is absolutely gorgeous! So happy you got it. And I think I need to borrow boathouse asap! Wow, can you tell I am kind of obsessed with coral? Haha

Erika said...

I love your blog, and this post is fantastic!

Brittany said...

I recently got a ring from thailand with small turquoise dots in it. Its my favorite ring ever :) And your photos look like soo much fun. That makeup is crazy cool!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i've never been to imats and i've always wanted to experience it. these are great shots :) lovin your site and i'm jealous of all the goodies!

Collections said...

Love the colors of nail polish you bought! Specifically like the sparkly gold.

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