Monday, April 18, 2011

'Cause I'm a Gypsy

This weekend was spent quite lazily. On Saturday, we had a crazy thunderstorm that had us immobile for most of the day. I think I watched TV for 7 hours straight. Damn you House marathons for being so addictive! Today on the other hand, was a little more productive. I headed over to the prettiest part of our campus to snap some shots with one of my friends who asked me to be her model for her class assignment. I was more than happy to oblige. Awesome outfit pictures? Yes please! :) After that, Brett and I caught a late brunch and spent the rest of the day at the computer lab doing homework. All in all, a good weekend. I can't wait for the day I stop associating Sunday's with library/homework though, haha.
This bridge is known as the kissing bridge. Isn't it absolutely adorable?! I'm not entirely sure why it's called the Kissing Bridge though. I'm gonna have to look that up.

I love that I'm able to bring out some of my spring clothing and actually put them to use! My spring pieces were definitely rotting away in my closet and I know that they are happy to see the light of day.
Oh, and excuse all the random settings on each of the pictures. I've been messing around with effects on pictures and it's still a work in progress.
Headband - Flea Market
Shirt - Necessary Clothing in SoHo
Pants - Forever21
Shoes - Lulu's
Rings - Lulu's and H&M

Happy Monday!
I hope you guys have an awesome start to the week. It's supposed to rain until Wednesday here unfortunately, but hopefully a good cappuccino will cheer me up! :)


FOREVER '92 said...

Cute outfit. Love it, to your cute headband all the way down to those chic shoes! (:

in Aie's shoes said...

love the lace detail of your top! =)

Sam {} said...

VERY cute shoes!!

Meagan said...

I just adore this look. It works perfectly for you!

Jane K Lee said...

Loving how these pictures came out! & again, I love those wedges <3


I love the colours in these shots....and it's such a fab outfit!

ps: i have a sweet brooch giveaway that i think might be right up your alley! if you have a moment, stop by and take a look...

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a fantastic outfit. I love the shirt:) Happy Tuesday, darling

Diamond Cat said...

Thank you for the comment! It would be great if you could vote for one of the looks below the post:)
Lovely blog you have! ~ xoxo

Sophie said...

you look gorgeous! such a cute setting. that bridge is so adorable. x

Juliet said...

Thanks for your comment! weird shoes indeed! Yours on the other hand are so cute. A lovely outfit all in all :)

BonBon said...

like ur headband and rings.)follow u.)follow me back.?)

christeee said...

thanks for ur encouraging comment
will follow ur blog :)
u can visit mine too


christeee said...

thanks for ur encouraging comment
will follow ur blog :)
u can visit mine too


Chelsea Lane said...

favorite outfit ever! the headband is so flattering on you and I love the boho vibe of your tank. such pretty wedges too!


Ima said...

I really love your white top. And the headband is lovely too. That bridge is a beautiful place <3

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

... are you coming with me?!

Aww, you got me. Now I won't get this song out of my head like forever!! :)

Beautiful outfit, I love it! The kissing brigde, that's too cute. Where are all the kissing couples, then? :)


Honor said...

Love Love Love your shoes!!
Great photos. X

Ashley said...

what a beautiful summery outfit!


Piroscutza said...

lovely shoes!!


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