Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mission: Organization

Now that my time at my college is coming to an end, it seems like everyone around me is talking about a new place they are going to get or how they're going to decorate this new place. Unfortunately for us, city apartments are not necessarily big so the more organized and simple they can look, the better. Though I'm dorming my first year of law school, I'll be starting somewhere new in a (small) room that I'm going to have to decorate and organize as well. As a girl who has too much of well ... everything, I love anything that can make my life simpler by organizing the random things I accumulate. Because of this, I've compiled my ten favorite things I found online that act as organizers.

1. These green boxes would be so classy and simple. And they can act like archives by putting labels on them.
2. I have WAY too many shoes and this box would be perfect for me. I hate having shoes in the back of my closet that I end up forgetting about. With this box, you can stack them up and even see what shoe is inside of the box. 
3. I have a love for books so naturally I have a love for bookshelves. This bookshelf offers a lot of room and for $24.99, you can't go wrong. If you've noticed from some of the outfit pictures that I've taken in my room, I have a bookshelf that isn't quite your ordinary bookshelf. It's easy because it is hung on the wall which means it doesn't take up space and holds a good amount of stuff. We also have two other bookcases in our room for extra storage.
4. My desk is one of the first things that gets messy. I practically live on it. It's where I do my homework, it's where I watch shows online, I even eat on it sometimes! (which I probably shouldn't do so much). So I love things that can organize random office supplies that are always lying around on my desk and this stack-able organizer is perfect for those random things that are too small to put anywhere else. My roommates and I went on a craft frenzy last year when we first moved into our house and went to Michael's to buy things. I bought wooden little organizers and painted them.

The yellow heart holds studs, the blue star holds paper clips, and the green octagon holds my thumb tacks that are used to hold up my syllabi on my corkboards.
5. Living in a house with 5 other girls and 6 boyfriends, there are many keys always roaming around. This key hook would be perfect for having all of your keys in one place. How cute is the bike on top of it? :)
6. During the winter time, I hate wearing big earrings because they get caught on coats and scarves. I usually alternate between four pairs of studs and love having them handy but hate having them where they might fall. This trinket dish would be such a cute addition for my desk. Given my obsession with owls, it's no wonder I chose that dish above all others. :)
7. Ever since I saw an episode of Zoom (yes, I obviously grew up in the 90's) where a girl painted a old wooden trunk to have at the foot of her bed, I always said that I would get a wooden trunk and do the same thing. Unfortunately, I haven't purchased one as of yet but I definitely intend to at some point although I'm not sure that I would paint it. This wooden trunk is beautiful and would add charm to any room.
8. Baskets are always a must for magazines that carry daily inspiration. This wicker basket is adorable. I own green crates that hold random junk. They're not big enough to hold magazines but they do the job.
9. Cork boards are absolutely amazing. I get a syllabus for every class and I love having them handy on top of my desk if I ever need to see what's due.
10. Glass jars are so cute for those every day things. They allow you to see what's in them while still being organized. What's better than that?

And there you have it, ten wonderful things every chic organizer should have. :) How do you guys organize your rooms? I'd love to know.



those shoe boxes are genius! xo

Anonymous said...

oh wow! I usually have the ocd bug once a month. I kinda go crazy one week where I don't even pick up anything! hahahaha then I'm a whole day or two organizing everything to perfection. I love how you have everything stacked up at the edge of the desk. So neat!
very very nice


♥Natascha said...

thats kinda cool stuff.. I have to much of everything too ;-), so I am always happy for some organzing ideas

those shoe boxes are so cool


lovely furniture!

I am a new follower :)


Jillian said...

i am obsessed with baskets and orgainzing things! good luck lady! xoxo jcd cornflake dreams

Paper Heart Girl said...

Great organising! I like to store things in tins, ahh.. I'm always on the hunt for more! Cool blog lady!!! xxxxxxxxx

Ashley said...

i have always loved those book shelves on your wall! and the color they're painted! good luck with the organizing!

Sofi Stellar said...

Great post! I love finding new, stylish ways to organize.

LA said...

haha yes organize sometimes is an impossible mission!


Mary said...

Great post!
I love it!!
I'm already your follower,I really like your blog
I hope you follow me too:)


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