Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishing for Warmer Days

It seems like winter is here to stay. The days are getting colder, nights are coming quicker, and all of that means finals are approaching which sucks but it also means Christmas is coming soon as well. I got an early Christmas present when I read my email and found out I got into one of my top choices for law schools! I wasn't expecting such an early response back but they could not have picked a more ideal time. It's one less worry. All this cold has me wishing for warmer days so I thought I'd blog about an outfit post I hadn't been able to put up yet. Here was the inspiration for the outfit ...

It makes me want to rewind to summer again. I took this picture while in a resort in Dominican Republic this past summer. Seems like a lot of my inspiration is from Dominican Republic but the country truly is beautiful. How I wish I could escape to this exact setting right now. Ah well. Here's the outfit to go along with it. It's more of a fall outfit but I think the colors compliment the picture quite well.

I think I pulled it off well as I paired a navy blue dress to stand in for the ocean, a beige cardigan to represent the sand, and put that all in contrast with black tights and shoes to show the shadow of the palm tree and the stone. My necklace is probably the favorite part of the outfit though. =]

I can't honestly remember where I got it from which means it was probably a gift but regardless, I think it's so cute, especially the headphones.

The entire outfit aside from the necklace and shoes is from Forever21. There is actually a funny story to the shoes. I got them while I interned in Washington DC at the Mexican Embassy when a pair of boots I bought gave me terrible blisters on my foot to the point where I could not walk so I made an emergency purchase and bought these black wedges from a random store. I wear them all the time now. Hah.

What do you guys think? I'm sorry in advance for teasing you guys with warm pictures but it's nice to wish for warmth right? =]


kirstyb said...

love your dress xxxx

Sarah said...

That necklace is AMAZING!! I miss the sun...

Burn the Blonde

cristina petre said...

love the outfit! and that necklace is amazing!!!

Dizzybrunette3 said...

Your outfit is so pretty! Loving the big cardi and dress and tights at the moment :) x


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