Monday, December 20, 2010

Ten Things About The Boy

Our terrible Blue Steel Faces
So I figured out some features I'd like to do for the blog besides my weekend in pictures which I'll try and post as often as possible, or well, the weekends I remember to bring my camera out. I decided to do a "Ten Things Tuesday" just to introduce you all a little more into my life. Technically, I'm cutting it close as it's JUST past midnight but hey, it's officially Tuesday here so it's fair. But yeah, I think that the best part of blogging is actually feeling like you know the people behind the blogs so for my second Ten Things Tuesday, the first being my Guilty Pleasures, I thought I'd share some random facts about the person I spend so much of my time with, my boyfriend. I know it's a little cheesy to dedicate a whole blog post to him but he'll be in and out of my blog through pictures and random posts so why not give you guys a little introduction right? =] So here we go, Ten Things about Brett. =]

1. All M&M's come from his town =]

No matter what M&M's bag you pick up, they will all come from Hackettstown, NJ. I think that's pretty cool. Go check an M&M's bag, I dare ya. =]

2. He named his first guitar Jennifer which is ironically the name people always call me when they don't know/forget my name.
I don't know why people have always called me Jennifer when they don't know/forget my name and I only found out about his guitar's first name when I was with him once and my aunt called me Jennifer by accident. He then told me that Jennifer was the name of his first guitar which is a pretty awesome coincidence. Do I look like a Jennifer? Who knows.

3. I met him in a Men's Bathroom
Now I know what you're thinking. "Why was she in a men's bathroom?" There is actually a totally legitimate reason. Freshman year of college, I lived in a co-ed dorm and the women's bathroom was being cleaned (which means we couldn't use it) and I really had to pee so instead of venturing off to other floors to use the women's bathroom elsewhere, I decided to risk it and use the men's bathroom which, in hindsight, was not a smart decision at all but nonetheless, it offers a funny "How we met" story. He later wrote in a Valentine's card that I'm the perfect fitting puzzle piece he found in the men's bathroom. Haha. As awkward as the situation was at the time, at least it's something funny to look back to now.

4. He swears he doesn't believe in fashion, but LIVES in Banana Republic clothing.
Now, he says he just really likes how soft Banana Republic sweaters are, but I like to think he's some sort of undercover fashionista. =]

5. He paints REALLY well.

For our three year anniversary, we decided to paint pottery together which totally backfired on me because his mug came out 9374973947 times better than mine. He made mine look terrible. Seriously.
Turns out, he had come up with a concept of what he wanted to paint long before we arrived at the place. I struggled to keep in the lines and he managed to paint details like flowers! He made me look bad. Haha. His mug connects the city (where I'm from) and the suburbs (where he's from) with a bridge to symbolize us coming together. My mug isn't even worth posting pictures of because his is just far superior. His mug still remains one of my favorite gifts he's ever given me though. =]

6. He builds really nice sandcastles.

I never did capture a shot of the sandcastles he's done but they come out really well. This picture above shows him in the beginning stages of his sandcastle building. I usually start helping him and then give up because I'm definitely not as detailed as he is nor do I have the patience to do that. I'd rather just lay on the beach and tan. Haha.

7. He always smells like a baby & he doesn't even use Johnson & Johnson products!
Excuse the terrible circle. I obviously suck at painting circles. Haha. But seriously, I don't know how he always manages to smell like a baby. Of course, this has led to me constantly sniffing him in the creepiest way possible. Luckily, he seems to like it. =]

8. He only has one dimple
The picture above was taken in one of our favorite pizza spots where he built his very own little stick figure using his own head and fingers. Haha. He only has one dimple on his right cheek and I think it's adorable. =]

9. He's colorblind (so naturally, I like to poke fun at him =])

10. Last, but certainly not least, he is obsessed with every big city, but especially NYC.

The first picture was taken in Jersey City with a view of NYC, the second picture was taken in Boston Commons in Boston when we went 3 years ago. I think his obsession with big cities might be because he's always lived in a suburban atmosphere but I love seeing him act like a total tourist every time we go to NYC together.

And there you have it, ten things about the boy. =]

I apologize for the lack of outfit posts, it's so cold outside! Unless you guys wouldn't mind seeing all my coats. Haha. I will post some soon enough though, no worries. Also, stay tuned for another feature I'm going to have as I post about past memories that I experienced pre-blog like when my friend Lea came to visit me in NYC for 4 days from Michigan, my semester spent in DC, and my trip to Dominican Republic last summer as well as upcoming trips like the one to Vegas in January with my roommates! =] Has anyone been to Vegas and can offer good places to go/eat/shop/party? I'd love to know!

Now, I'm off to study a little more before I sleep and have to take the first of two finals before the end of the semester. Wish me luck and I hope you all have a fantastic day. Thank you for reading my blog, commenting on it, or even following me. I love you all. =]

Stay tuned for my very first giveaway when I reach 50 followers! I promise it will be a good one. =]

Wow. That was quite a lengthy post. Whew.



Such a sweet post! I love the first photo of you two...

PS: I think you might fancy the decadently delicious Aromatherapy Co giveaway I'm hosting...would love it if you stopped by!

..R May A.. said...

the mug is amazing :)
gorgeous post!! x

Kat said...

this is adorable <3 so cute. you guys seem like a really nice couple :]

Jane K Lee said...

this is so freaking adorable stef! tell brett i want a mug LOL

Mila said...

Adorable.You two are great!

kirstyb said...

such a sweet post x

Grace said...

This is such a sweet and thoughtful post! I loved the one about you two meeting in a mens bathroom.. hehe hilarious! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :)

Keep smiling!


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a sweet post! I adore those photos and you both are so lovely:) Kisses, my dear

Chelsea Lane said...

he sounds perfect <3 does he have any brothers? ;) that mug is so gorgeous!


MT Days & Nights said...

how cute! you guys really seem like you're in love <3

Kaleido Mind said...

aww cute post--cute couple;)


this is cute! i stumbled across your blog through a fashion link. could you tell me how you did the cute font in your header?? im looking for new ideas! i would really appreciate the help thanks!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

ha ha the story of how you two met is indeed funny, but also adorable :)

Reg said...

such a sweet post!!! awesome "how we met" story too!


make the world a prettier place said...

That's a very sweet post!! I love the mug, it's so beautiful and sweet!
Marie xx

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely post!


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