Sunday, December 26, 2010


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The snow that everyone has been commenting on/talking about has finally hit the north east. I am currently snowed in at my boyfriend's house which is an hour away from my house so I might be here for a while. I meant to do a weekend in pictures today but by the looks of it, I am not entirely sure when I'll be home. I love snow days but I love them a little more when I have my laptop. =] Luckily for me, I'm blogging from my boyfriend's computer while he's fast asleep. His parents have already stocked up on snacks so I know it will be fun just watching movies and eating all day with them. I can't wait until he wakes up so we can play in the snow for a while. Hopefully I'll take some pictures although I'm sure the pictures will all be of me running away from him while he's attacking me with snow.

I wanted to let you guys know about Kristy from the Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous Blog event that's going on. Go check her out and leave as many comments as your heart desires on her blog. She has been blessed with an awesome opportunity and I think it's important for other bloggers to support these kinds of things. So go check her out, she's awesome! =] She made a beautiful video for her holiday blog event where she showcased holiday pictures from many bloggers and I was lucky enough to be featured!

My pictures come in at the 1:29 mark so check it out and let's help her win. Rate her blog posts high and comment comment comment! =]

Also, I've noticed that I have gone over the 50 followers mark so there will be a giveaway soon to follow. Thank you for visiting my little corner of cyberspace and Happy Holidays!


Sharina said...

What better place to be stuck in a snowstorm than in your boyfriend's house? :) Enjoy getting cozy and being warm together, love!!
Happy holidays!

Sharina of Aviator Shades

MsShamz said...

happy holidays <3
great blog hun xo

Kat said...

haha i just realized you live in NJ. me too! im snowed in too :( but hey we can still go and play in the snow ^-^

Chelsea Lane said...

awh, I just love that snow angel! so jealous of all your snow, sounds crazy! :)


QueenDesi said...

Happy holiday!! may you have a great time..
what a lovely picture:)

i like your blog, i'm your new follower.
come and visit my site, hope you can follow me back.


in Love&Light
Queen D

lady pauline said...

nice snow angel ;)

jadore said...

I love that picture! It sounds pretty nice to be home all day watching movies while it snows outside

Zarna said...

snowed in at your boyfriends house? that doesn't sound to bad :)

enjoy the snow!

Kristy Elena said...

thanks so much for sharing my video and telling people about my blog!! you are so sweet and such a wonderful part of the fashion blogging community. =) sorry for the belated response, it's been insanity lately.


Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
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