Saturday, November 13, 2010

Skirts and Booties and Neutrals Oh My!

Sorry for the delay in posts. I decided to wait until I could get quality pictures to post rather than rely on my crappy camera but thanks to my favorite photographer on the planet, Jane Lee, I was able to get beautiful shots on a beautiful day. I don't know where you may be reading this from but here in Jersey we had a perfect fall day. And now for the picture that inspired the outfit ...

This picture was taken in the historic district of Dominican Republic called Zona Colonial or Colonial Zone in english. I took the picture when I went there to visit family in August and just love the elegance and simplicity of it. Can you believe that is actually someone's balcony? Their view everyday is absolutely to die for. And now for the outfit ...

Booties from Wet Seal, Key necklace from Urban Outfitters, skirt and shirt from a store around my campus called Finale. They have cute clothes for a cheap price.

The browns and greys in the picture were what originally inspired this outfit and I thought it would be best to keep it very neutral adding in my grey booties. I added a boost of color with the yellow and gold key necklace but it was otherwise neutral. What do you guys think? I think the outfit is quite fitting for the picture with the rich textures and blending of neutrals.

Well .. Until next time,



Vida said...

aww love this outfit! the pictures turned out so well =)

Soumia N. F. said...

love love love the imagery, outfit & the blog so naturally, followed :)



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