Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yay it's Friday! What are you guys doing this weekend? Preparing for Thanksgiving? I will most likely spend the majority of this weekend in a library. =/ I have an exam on Monday and a presentation due Tuesday plus I need to get some stuff done before Thanksgiving break as my main focus will be FOOD during those four days. =] Anywho, I figured I would share a outfit post. My inspiration was ...

Being raised in Jersey City NJ, New York is probably my favorite place on the planet ... well ... aside from home. I love how busy it is, the different scene in every little neighborhood. I am determined to live there for AT LEAST five years of my life. This picture is just quintessential New York to me. Cabs everywhere, bright lights, people out in the streets. I took this picture from the 3rd level of the M&M store near Times Square. =] And now for the outfit ...

Although it's flowers on the tunic and not cabs, I feel like this outfit captures the picture quite well. What do you think? I figured the blending of color and different designs as there are flowers but there are also stripes put together to form a shirt can symbolize what New York is all about. Different people all grouped together in one city regardless of age, color, height, whatever. They all make New York what it is. I paired it with a yellow cardigan since the yellow is the color that stands out the most in the picture and paired it with a red hat since the color red accents the picture in many places. I paired that all with black leggings and booties to offset all the color I had on top and create a bold outfit that did not look too crazy and colorful.

The Shoes

I am obsessed with these booties. I got them over the summer for 21st birthday outfit and they are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I own. The platform in the front allow the foot to have a good amount of support.

The outfit in its entirety is from a whole bunch of places. The red beanie is from a street vendor in Washington, DC. The yellow cardigan is from a thrift shop in Brooklyn. The flowery tunic is from Wet Seal. The leggings are from Forever21 and the booties are from Shi by Journeys.

So, what do you think?


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Lisa said...

I have that same tunic, I love how you styled it!


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